Name of the activity: أنت تهمينا … افحصي وطمنينا You are important for us … Examine and reassure us

Country/NMO: Algeria (Le Souk)

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

Since breast cancer is the most common cancer in Algeria, it’s very important to raise awareness about it, to reduce its incidence and mortality.
For that 4 different events will be held in Constantine ; 2 awareness campaigns in university 3 and and the other in downtown constantine to inform all categories of women ( students, workers, stay at home moms..) about the importance of early detection and its ways (breast self exam and mammograms)
A conference in university 1 with a scientific content and another one in university 3 dealing with the psychological aspect of the disease.

Focus area:


Problem statement:

Breast Cancer, The leading cause of death among women, is experiencing an epidemic outbreak in Algeria.

Alarming figures, according to which, about 3,500 women die and 11,000 new cases are registered each year. Its incidence continues to out grow every expectation with a frightening 7 percent increase every year . Making it a real health problem and ruthless enemy we must all stand against.
Many women can be saved from this disease, but unfortunately, according to Hamedi Cherif, director of the registry of cancer of Setif; 80 percent of the cases are diagnosed at an active stage.
Also, based on recent forecasts, the number of people with breast cancer can double by 2020, precisely because of late diagnosis.
Faced with this absurd yet true and frightening dilemma , early detection is a necessity to reduce – in the short and medium term – the incidence of breast cancer.
That’s why it’s very important to raise awareness to inform women of the need for mammograms, to educate them about this disease and make sure of its early detection.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

During our activities we will address not only women over the age of 40 but the younger ones too, for our main purpose is to raise awareness about the early detection.
There is evidence that women who correctly practice Breast Self Exam monthly are more likely to detect a lump in the early stage of its development, and early diagnosis has been reported to influence early treatment, to yield a better survival rate.
For that we will target female university students mainly “the citizen of the future” and they can teach their family members, neighbors, friends and the community.
Training young women how to carry out breast self-examination (BSE) can help them be alert to any abnormalities in their breasts to consequently seek medical consultation on a faster more efficient way . Thus the morbidity or mortality can be reduced.

Objectives and indicators of success:

By next year , the number of women getting a screening mammogram in constantine will increase by 20%
• in association with the insurance service in constantine we’ll make a statistical study whether we achieved our goal or not
– By next year, 200 female university 3 constantine student will learn how to practice BSE correctly
• more women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in its early stages
– 5 years from now , the oncology service will mark a high rate that goes to 30% of early stage detection
• women will be more attracted to a healthy lifestyle
• ‎as a consequence to all of the above, breast cancer survival rate will reach astonishing numbers that we have never before dreamt of.


Since our main target is female students we will start by organising an awareness campaign at the campus (university 3), with the distribution of explicative depliants in which we’ll be explained in details the symptoms and risk factors.
Along with a explicative affiches on how to practice Breast Self Exam.
•A conference will be held in constantine 1, three important points will be treated
– useful information about breast cancer ( risk factors, symptoms, the importance of early detection in the cure process)
– myths and facts about breast cancer ( it touches young women, even men, curable if diagnosed in its early stages)
– ‎how to practice BSE ( a training session)
• another awareness company will be organised downtown , to a larger audience (women and men of all age) with the same content as the first one (held in university 3)
We’ll accentuate on the necessity of getting a screening mammogram regularly for women over the age of 40
• ‎to close the awareness month another conference will take place in the medicine faculty university 3 constantine entitled “I am a survivor”
We’ll be talking about the psychological aspect of the disease, how to deal with it and during the healing process and after it, and to nail things down efficiently, we chose to go for them hearts and finish things up with touching testimonies of three brave breast cancer survivors

Plans for evaluation:

At the end of the Breast Self Exam training session a form containing questions about breast cancer and Breast Cancer Exam will be filled by the participants to determine whether the conference was successful and has achieved its main purpose or not, which is nailing down the idea of premature diagnosis in their minds.
– ‎in association with the insurance service will make statistic studies to rate the percentage of women getting screening mammograms before our activity and one year later
– ‎and in association with the ecology service we’ll also make statistic study to rate the early detection cases before our activity and in the 5 years that follow