Blood Donation – Jordan (IFMSA-Jo)

Name of the activity: Blood Donation

Country/NMO: Jordan (IFMSA-Jo)

Program: Organ, Marrow & Tissue Donation


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


Focus area:

Blood donation

Problem statement:

Blood Donation is the simplest way to save lives, yet the problem is our community lack basic knowledge about blood donation. According to KHCC about 37% of the population is eligible to donate blood, yet less than 4 percent actually donate.

Target groups and beneficiaries:


their families

Objectives and indicators of success:

GOAL #1: Provide the blood banks with donated blood to support them. (250 blood donations by the end of campaign)
GOAL #2: Launching awareness and blood typing events. (targeting 1000 of youth by the end of the campaign) GOAL #3: Creating a database with volunteers ready to donate blood whenever needed. (250 volunteers in three months)GOAL #4: Forming a team to expand their communication skills to be able to join us in the field. (50 volunteer needed to be well oriented in 1 month)


– Working with the blood bank of the south to host blood drives in the university and AL-Karak Hospital
-Making Connections with authorities and local youth activists in the selected areas to be helping raising awareness
-holding events with a specified target group in each step in the selected areas to be covering the different groups
-Partnerships with Media Organizations and Students’ dean Organizations in the university to guarantee proper level of support and publications for our campaigns
-Spreading surveys on people in Karak chosen as a samples in the events held in each step
-sharing the data collected to the blood bank of the south
-Train OCs and volunteers the needed skills

Plans for evaluation:

Evaluation was taken in test before and after each activity showing the improvement we made
Feedback was taken from public and volunteers covering place, time, organizing and information provided