Name of the activity: X Multidisciplinary University Camp of Research and Service- CUMIS

Country/NMO: Colombia (ASCEMCOL)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills

Contact information: [email protected] [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education, advocacy, campaing, third party activities, research

General description:

Pretend to generate coverage complete in health to the intervened municipality and its municipal and adjoining sidewalks. It plans that the CUMIS cause great benefits to the Murillo community, a vulnerable population in the area of health, with a high level of poverty, level of CUMIS X VERSION low schooling and misinformation, through days devoted to providing health care to the community, in addition to providing a opportunity to implement investigative actions, thus promoting the scientific contribution of the participants to this event.

Focus area:

Clinical Examination

Problem statement:

The municipality of Murillo has an area of 417.29 km², with 27 lanes and a population density of 11.46 inhabitants / km². Due to the climate of the place, it is considered a vulnerable population with little access to health services, adding to this, that large cities are more than 4 hours away. The CUMIS, looks for the opportunity to take to this population the attention in health that so much need.

Target groups:

General population, Medical students, Healthcare Students, Other Students, Doctors, Other health professionals, Children, Youth, Women, Elderly people


General population, Medical students, Healthcare Students, Other Students, Doctors, Other health professionals, Children, Youth, Women, Elderly people

Objectives and indicators of success:

1. Specify and strengthen local agreements such as mayorships, government, hospital, and the public force. We will have fulfilled the objective, if we achieve an active agreement with entities of the municipality and department

2. Submit the application to be the CUMIS zone C of the FELSOCEM in 2019. This objective was successfully developed, now the event has international endorsement by felsocem

3. With the aim of developing research in the framework of this important event, we open the call for research protocols, of which 10 were received and we approved 7. We will succeed in the research, if at least 4 of those 7 protocols are carried out during and after the event.

4. During the event, we will conduct 7 medical talks with topics relevant to health and primary health care. At the end, we will perform a medical trivia where 10 groups of 6 intergrantes will participate for each year of university medical education. The first and second place will be awarded.


The population to be studied will be studied thoroughly and in detail, together with the mayor’s office, visits to the municipality and to the sidewalks, hospital, and government will be organized, in order to carry out an adequate recognition of the area and to consolidate agreements, which will allow us to carry out an intervention which generates impact in an optimal way to the community as well as providing an adequate space for the cumistas, taking into account the basic needs for them; work with the community, transportation, forms of access, and the security of the population as well as the cumistas. We have been facilitating the search for sponsoring support to promote the realization of a camp with good quality for the community and for the campers who are going to do the intervention.

Plans for evaluation:

1. Feedback: Feedback methods will be carried out among the presidents and members of the ASCEMCOL board of directors, as well as a satisfaction survey will be sent to all participants.

2. Meetings with the sponsor coordinators

3. Follow up on the investigations / protocols that will be developed during the event.